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Empowered for Mission

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Empowered for Mission (9 episodes)
03 Sep 2017 - 12 Nov 2017

12th November 2017 | Jack Griffiths Download Connect Sheet

Heroic Courage

Empowered for Mission | Part 9 | Acts (5v12-42)

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Many Christians in the 1st Century church were bold and courageous. They were even willing to risk their lives to share the good news of Jesus with people. Where did they get this courage and how can we get it today?

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5th November 2017 | Al Pickering Download Connect Sheet

Genuine or Fake?

Empowered for Mission | Part 8 | Acts (4v32-5v11)

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One feature of the growing church in 1st century AD was radical generosity. Is it really needed in churches today? How can we make progress towards it? What do we need to watch out for?

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22nd October 2017 | Ryan Goodsell Download Connect Sheet

Triumph and Persecution

Empowered for Mission | Part 7 | Acts (4:1-31)

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How should we react when we hear stories of God at work in people's lives today? What about stories of healing, faith and people becoming Christians? What about stories of suffering and opposition for being a Christian? How can we react well to those stories and even when we are persecuted for our faith today?

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8th October 2017 | Al Pickering Download Connect Sheet

Offer them Jesus

Empowered for Mission | Part 6 | Acts (3:1-26)

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What's the best offer or special deal you've come across? Peter & John in the early church offered a man in need something way more than he was expecting. What can we learn from this today?

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1st October 2017 | Jack Griffiths Download Connect Sheet

A Church Together on Mission

Empowered for Mission | Part 5 | Acts (2:42-47)

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25th September 2017 | Al Pickering Download Connect Sheet

Give them the Reason

Empowered for Mission | Part 4 | Acts (2:14-41)

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Sometimes Christians might hope that the message of Jesus will just shine through their lives, without them having to say anything about him. But the early Christians took a different approach. What can we learn from them that can help us as witnesses for Jesus today?

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17th September 2017 | Steve Brading Download Connect Sheet

Power for Living

Empowered for Mission | Part 3 | Acts (1:4-8 & 2:1-13)

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10th September 2017 | Al Pickering Download Connect Sheet

Pre-prayer for Mission

Empowered for Mission | Part 2 | Acts (1:12-26)

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How do you respond when someone makes you a promise? Leave them to it or keep reminding them until they do it? Jesus has made his disciples a huge promise to empower them for mission. How do they respond and how should we respond today?

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3rd September 2017 | Jeff Fletcher Download Connect Sheet

Empowered by the King

Empowered for Mission | Part 1 | Acts (1:1-11)

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Luke starts off his second volume with a reminder that there is a powerful King who continues to act and speak today. In episode one, we look at how we can be effective witnesses for this great King as we continue His global mission.

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